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12 Oct 2013
Last night I went to a fantastic celebration-- I didn't really understand anybody there to begin with, however as the evening endured, I think I could have beinged familiar with everybody there. I'm not the best of socializers and if anything I am painfully timid at celebrations however thanks to there being a party booth I met lots of actually good people and had such a good time!

Last evening's party couldn't have come at a much better time for today, I've found out I've been lumbered with the job of arranging this year's office Christmas celebration. I was considering reserving a DJ and leave it at that but having actually seen the 'oh so cool' party photo booth in action I've decided to reserve one of them as well!

Management are always on about us going to interdepartmental icebreaking sessions and (don't you find) all that truly comes out of them ares more awkwardness. Think David Brent running the inspirational session in The Office and you'll have a good concept exactly what we all look like in those terrible classes! Dull!

I reckon somebody should have a word with management and tell them to cancel those icebreakers and get a party photobooth in rather. I could leave an anonymous note on his desk! Let's face it, there are a lot of cringe-worthy means to break the ice with a complete stranger and there are enjoyable means too. Include a box of elegant outfit props, a drop or more of bubbly and away we go! And its not just me who thinks it, ask anybody who's had a go in a booth themselves and they'll inform you what a laugh they are!

I love that they urge individuals to obtain together, gown up and unite in stupidity for an image chance. When I saw myself dressed up in Elton John wig and specifications, I felt the desire to sing Candle in the Wind! I question what Simon Cowell would make of it ?!

The thing about a party photo booth is it brings people together at wedding receptions, corporate occasions and works do's. If I have anything to do with it, there'll be none of those burnt out miserable faces at our function! As soon as they have a go in the party photobooth they'll be in and out all night long! My suggestions to all you fellow works celebration organisers is do exactly what I'm doing and get yourselves a party booth if you're searching for a party to keep in mind-- rather of one that everyone desires to forget!


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