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21 Sep 2014

There's also the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA), a government agency that has been accused of some of the worst deforestation and land divisions, not to mention rural workers who carve roads throughout the territory. "The most dangerous things of all are roads. They use huge tractors, which literally scrape the skin of the earth. They pollute all the streams, and they destroy lots and lots of trees. We call their machines 'giant beasts,' because they open up everything.
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14 Sep 2014

To date the current outbreak of Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) has reached five countries and those traveling to affected regions are advised to be aware of the symptoms, which include fever, rash, diarrhea, vomiting and red eyes. Alongside these symptoms, internal and external bleeding are also signs of the disease, which spreads from person to person by contact with infected body fluids, such as saliva, semen or blood. Small outbreaks continue to occur in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ebola has no licensed vaccine or treatment and has fatality rates of up to 90% in infected people -- but the virus requires very close contact with body fluids to be transmitted and is easily avoided with regular hand-washing and...

10 Sep 2014

Their father, T.H. Chan, founded the Hang Lung Group Ltd, one of Hong Kong's largest real estate companies. After Chan's death in 1986, his sons started the Morningside Group, which makes private equity and venture capital investments in biotech and other science- and technology-based companies, especially in China and the United States. The brothers rank 17th on Forbes' 2014 list of Hong Kong's richest people with a combined net worth of $2.95 billion. The previous record gift to Harvard, announced earlier this year, was $150 million from hedge fund manager and alumnus Kenneth Griffin, most of it for financial aid. The largest cumulative donation to any U.S. university, unadjusted for inflation, is $1.1 billion over...

06 Sep 2014

I love her with all my heart." Brantly: 'I felt like I was about to die' Sacra's story Sacra, 51, is a married physician from Holden, Massachusetts. He was not directly treating Ebola patients in Liberia during this trip, but was delivering babies at a general hospital in Monrovia, Johnson said. The doctor started to show symptoms of haemorrhagic fever on Friday evening. Health care workers did an Ebola test on Monday, which came back positive for the deadly virus. Sacra was following all protocols and taking all necessary precautions against Ebola, Johnson said. It is unclear how he became infected, but SIM is working with the CDC to determine the point of contact. When asked if the organization was going to bring...

01 Sep 2014

(Bleach, chlorine, and soap can kill the virus.) That makes Ebola much more difficult to contract than common diseases carried by air or insect such as tuberculosis and malaria both of which have been linked to far more deaths than Ebola in West Africa this year. Q: How did this epidemic start? Recommended: Think you know Africa? Take our geography quiz. Public-health experts believe patient zero was a 2-year-old boy who died in the village of Gueckedou, in southeastern Guinea, in early December 2013 likely having contracted the disease from an infected local fruit bat. But it took until March of this year for the disease to be properly identified, by which time it had already killed his entire family and spread to...

27 Aug 2014

Medical workers have to wash their protective gear for reuse and have little more than a squirt of bleach to rely on. 'I'm scared of everything' It is the only refuge for the slum's frightened residents. But the most that they can hope for is to be made comfortable while they wait either to overcome the virus, or not. Like many residents of West Point, Charming, a hairdresser, has to travel out of the township to make a living. She is the only breadwinner for her two children and her elderly parents "Right now my mother doesn't have anything," she told CNN. "First, I was the one that provided for her. But as time goes by, she's complaining the rice is finished.
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25 Aug 2014

Inspired by the success of pamphlets, posters and motion picture propaganda for World War I, health organizations and the government began pursuing all sorts of media, including music, as a tool, says Michael Sappol , a historian at the National Library of Medicine. The effort to put health messages in music really took off in the 1920s and early '30s, as radio began reaching a mass audience. Songs about diseases and health became more common. In 1949, the U.S. Public Health and Services commissioned songs from Woody Guthrie as part of its anti-venereal disease campaign. Guthrie's "V.D.
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17 Aug 2014

I don't think we are going to see in the next year a horrendous breakout of Ebola in this country," Paul said in a recent video on the topic , according to a press release sent out Thursday morning by his "Voices of Liberty" project. Paul, "a former physician," offered the chemical DDT as a "viable alternative for treatment," as the release put it. The proposal would likely face some resistance as DDT is also a controversial insecticide that "may cause serious health effects," according to Scientific American .But Paul believes those health risks were never proven. "The absolute proof of the danger of DDT was never as far as I'm concerned proven," Paul argued. "Instead, what we do is use very expensive organic...

30 Jul 2014

"It's a global problem because Patrick could have easily come home with Ebola, easy," she said. The Associated Press left phone and email messages for her Monday. International travel has made the spread of disease via airplanes almost routine. Outbreaks of measles, polio and cholera have been traced back to countries thousands of miles away. Even Ebola previously traveled the globe this way: During an outbreak in Ivory Coast in the 1990s, the virus infected a veterinarian who traveled to Switzerland, where the disease was snuffed out upon arrival and she ultimately survived, experts say. Two American aid workers in Liberia have tested positive for the virus and are being treated there. U.S. health officials said...

19 Jul 2014

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